War Games
Ready for some military action? Think you can handle some lean, mean machine guns? Then try out this…
Plays: 1129
World War 2 first person shooter game. Play as war hero on a mission to survive the enemy attack. Sh…
Plays: 1009
Squadz Skirmish - Two squads go head to head in a test of tactical skill. You must destroy your enem…
Plays: 1099
Play Operation Desert Sabre tank game. Don't take this mission lightly your country is counting on y…
Plays: 1008
Mercenary Soldiers online war game. Battle it out military style by using the latest weapons of war.
Plays: 994
Start by mining for gold and then build your army to prepare for Dwarf Wars and online strategy game…
Plays: 974
Mayday Mayday send in the troops ASAP! Play this awesome online war game and get into the action bef…
Plays: 1143
Play Heavy Truck an online war game where you get to control a war truck fully equip with high power…
Plays: 1128
Defense 1942 is a free to play war game. Defend your tower at any cost by sending out troops and tan…
Plays: 1149
Confrontation Game - Terrorists are trying to steal the nuclear fuel cells from our secret base. You…
Plays: 2103
Cruise along the sea and destroy enemy war planes. Your cruiser is fully loaded with high powered mi…
Plays: 1711
Play Elite Corps Afghan Mission and fight your way through this online action game as an elite soldi…
Plays: 1016
Civilization wars is a RTS/RPG war game. Lead your people to legendary fallen star to find the secre…
Plays: 884
Mecharon Survival is a game of survival. Fight till the death and destroy the waves of enemy Mech wa…
Plays: 978
Battle Mechs Online Version. Battle it out against the machines of the future. Destroy the enemy for…
Plays: 1037
Play Tech Wars game and fight against the killer bots in the arena of death. Very cool shooter game.
Plays: 1123
Blade Striker is a cool helicopter game where you have to shoot down the evil drug baron and his arm…
Plays: 944
Hold The Line is a free online war shooting game. Shoot all the enemy stick men before they destroy …
Plays: 1086
Military Rush: Race through the battle fields on your ATV loaded with high powered weapons and do ex…
Plays: 2118
In Battle Gear 2 you fight for world domination and nothing less! Choose your alliance and conquer t…
Plays: 1171
Shoot down the enemy that are dropping in to attack military grounds. A small but fun online war gam…
Plays: 1216
Play Age of War free online. This really cool war game is one of the most popular tower defence game…
Plays: 1059
Squadron Auriga could possibly be the most epic war battle game on the net. This futuristic online w…
Plays: 1640
Deadly Venom is a very cool online game for those who like stealth style games. Play as an agent wor…
Plays: 1680

War Games

Play the best online war games on the net. Tanks, war planes and military games for those who love war games.

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